The Profound Joy of Travel

The Glory of this world overwhelms and amazes those who are willing to venture out and discover it. There is life-changing truth to uncover which can in turn reveal and change the character of the searcher. This world is a complex system that is impossible to describe but there are patterns and surprises worth uncovering. When I learn something new about a place or a culture it is like adding a new color to the painting that is my personal world view. I think travelers are not content to have a grey scale picture of the world.

No one can see the world any differently then they do through the "lens" they currently have. Just as, if your eye cannot focus on things that are far away then you will not be able to see those things without something new to improve the lens (with glasses). I do believe we can choose to allow new information to update, broaden and improve our worldview "lens" in a similar fashion. The same way you have to intentionally put on glasses and you have to, with intention, learn about new things in the world around you. There is a strong temptation to try and fit new information into an old world view if the perspective remains static. Travel is a way to counter that. Immersion in a place where the people look, act and think differently will force personal change or a willful act of denial to hold on to the old worldview. Some people manage to resist the growth of encountering new things, but those people also do not travel much or to places that challenge their perceptions.

So, maybe you can understand why I help people travel. I like to think most people will find happiness and new contentment when they discover the world and encounter the complex beautiful system of cultures and individuals that exist around us. Compassion is easier to come by for people we have actually met. Travel is not the only way to do this but to change your physical location and be immersed in a place, challenges us to see things in new ways and helps us to absorb this new information. Almost paradoxically, the more we realize how much we don't know the more wise we become. A life time is not enough to fully understand my own culture and to have encountered numerous other cultures just as complex and crazy is humbling.

Not every trip is about learning and growing. That sounds exhausting. Sometimes it is good to travel to a place, flop on the beach and not have to think too hard about anything for a period of time. Rest is also mandatory in life. Once you have rested though remember to look around and let the experience change you. Then you will be able to return to your everyday life and maybe it will be easier to lift your head out of the mire of the mundane to offer the world some of your new found compassion.

I can help you plan and book the trip if you are interested, but you will have to bring along your willingness to learn and grow if you want to experience the profound joy of travel.