No Hyperdrive Required.

If you want to do more then just see you favorite Sci-fi world on the big screen then here are the best vacations to incorporate your love for Star Wars and travel.

1. Hotel Sidi Driss, Matmata, Tunisia

Do you want to stay in Luke Skywalkers childhood home? This whole town was dug into troglodyte caves by Berber refugees centuries ago and was later turned into a hotel that George Lucas used to film the scenes for Lars homestead on Tatooien . You can stay at the hotel and live as Luke.

2. Avenue 7 Novembere, Medenie, Tunisia

While you are in the neighborhood you might want to see where Luke’s father spend his childhood. The Berber build the distinctive buildings for grain storage but they were use as the slave quarters in “The Phantom Menace.”

3. Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

This spectacular salt flat was used as the scene for a First Order battle with the Resistance. It was also the location of a mining colony outpost, Crait.

4. Redwood National Forest and State Park, California

Visit the home of the Ewoks. Chub Chub! Those cute little fuzzballs were the downfall of the Empire but they lived in an ethereal forest you can visit. The Redwood forests should be on the bucket list of any redblooded American but it has a special place in my heart for Star Wars as well.


5. Tynisfjara, Iceland

Do you want to visit the childhood home of Jyn Erso? The black sand beaches are dramatic on their own but they are also the location where Jyn witnesses her parent murder by Director Krennik.

6. Krafla, Iceland

Another stop on your Star Wars tour of Iceland (that I can so easily book for you 😉 ). This site was used in Rogue One as Eadu. It is a remote volcano in the northeast part of the island. Another overlap with the Game of Throne locations.

7. Hardangerjokulen Glacier, Norway

Hoth. It is probably my favorite location in the whole of the Star Wars universe (I love me some ice and snow). You can hire a guide in Finse to take you to the exact filming locations. I do not think the offer Tantan rides though.

8. Villa del Balbianello, Lenno, Italy

Some fans of Star Wars like to forget the first three episodes exist but I maintain they are worthy of watching just for the full historical perspective. See I told you I am that nerdy. So, if like me you enjoy Episodes I, II and III then you can plan your destination wedding in the location that Anikin and Padme first revealed their love for each other. This location was also used in James Bond “Casino Royale.”

9. Laamu Atoll, Maldives

Do you want to visit the location where rebels valiantly gave up their lives to steal the technical readout of the first Death Star? The plant of Scarif was where a large installation of the Empire’s archives was located (prior to the Empire destroying it with said Death Star, really it was a great movie). You can visit this lush tropical island in the Maldives located in the Indian Ocean. I can recommend a few surf schools too once your nerd fix is satisfied.

10. Skellig Michael, Ireland

In the “Force Awakens” nobody knows where Luke has disappeared to and much of the story is devoted to where in the Universe he could possibly be. Turns out he is fond of Ireland. Who knew? It will be potato, not Porg on the menu though. In “The Last Jedi” much of Rey’s training is done on the same beautiful rocky and green island. So if a mysterious old Jedi weapon is calling you to Ireland drop me a line and I will set up the trip for you. Sorry, Millennium Falcon rides are not available.

11. Dubrovnik, Croatia.

While die hard Game of Thrones fans know that Debrovnik is the location of Kings Landing, did you know Star Wars was also filmed there. You can get guided tours of all the sites used in the films. “The Last Jedi” filmed the Star Wars Vegas city of Canto Bight there.

12. Former RAF Greennam Common military base, Berkshire, UK

Visit the Resistance X-wing base from “The Force Awakens.” This former military base was used by US and British forces in WWII but has been closed since 1993. You can still get in on British Heritage Days annually.

13. Star Tours at Disney Land

Yeah that is kinda duh. But if you have not been or taken you kids then you really are missing out. The ride is well done and is very fun. This Star Wars fan is happy Disney took over the Star Wars Universe. Let’s just hope they remain like the Old Republic and not the Evil Empire. They did just acquire Fox, hummm.

14. Disney Star Wars Day at Sea

I looked into this cruise for my family. We just cannot make it work between school and work schedules, but to be honest I am tempted to go without the kids! (Ya, I am that big a Star Wars fan) Character encounters and dress up opportunities will delight your younger fans probably more then all the shoot locations above. I have never met a person who went on a Disney cruise and regretted it. Yes they are quite spendy, but nobody I know has come home with less then spectacular memories made with their family.