Exotic Morocco tops the lists of exciting places to visit. The following itinerary was designed for an active couple or family looking for adventure in Northern Africa.

Day 1 – Departure

Depart from Home International Airport

Day 2 – Arrive in Marrakech, Morocco

Arrive at Menara Airport (RAK)  مطار مراكش المنارة​ (RAK)
Pick up Rental Car

Check into your Luxurious Riad. 

Day 3 – Get Acclimated

Explore the city of Marrakech.

Enjoy shopping at colorful markets.

Day 4 – Mountain Day

Mountain Bike or Cooking Tour
Take a journey to the nearby Atlas Mountains for either a high adventure mountain biking tour or expand your culinary talents with a cooking class led by a local chef.

Day 5 – Wednesday

Drive to the mountain ski resort, Oukaïmeden.

Day 6 – Thursday

[Photo by Simon White on Flickr]
Ski Oukaïmeden, the only ski resort left on the African continent.

Day 7 – Friday

Ski Oukaïmeden

Day 8 – Saturday

Drive to Chefchaouen Hotel – The Blue City
Check in at Hôtel Dar Mounir

Day 9 – Sunday

Desert Tour with a friendly and knowledgeable local guide.

Day 10 – Monday

Explore the Blue City

Day 11 – Tuesday

Drive to Tangier

Enjoy exploring this city on the mouth of the Mediterranean sea. 

Day 12 – Wednesday

Fly Home with new wisdom and memories of a beautiful trip.

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