Men Can Help Plan Travel

How can a man give the gift of travel to his family when most travel planning is done by the women? My antidotal data is now backed up by TrekSoft data for 2017 – women book 67% of all travel. In the world of family travel planning, it looks more like 84% according to US Family Travel Survey 2017 – NYU School of Professional Studies. Hey men, why should you help and how can you help?

If Men Don’t Plan the Trips, Do They Care?

I think you guys do. Mothers and Fathers report feeling that taking their children traveling is part of raising responsible world citizens. If raising a well rounded child with a global world view is part of your parental mandate then you might want to think of contributing to this monumental task. Taking this part of childrearing seriously, one woman reported to Susan Ho, Founder of Journy, that she took up to 40 hours to plan a family trip. Average looks more like 10-20 hours. It is a lot of work fraught with uncertainty and self doubt. I know putting in that kind of effort, while still trying to keep my house running and kids alive, makes me a little grumpy.

Something struck me as I was looking at these chore numbers numbers. Only 50% of women report doing chores on a daily basis. Huh, that seems low. Then it hit me, the other 28% of women have a partner who loves them enough to hire a professional! (I know I am playing fast and loose with the numbers by assuming every household does at least one chore a day but let’s call it hopeful.) People have learned that there are some tasks that are worth hiring out.

What can you do?

If you don’t like watching your lady pull her hair out combing though countless online sources and then second-guessing her self about travel decisions, then hire a professional travel planner. Marriages are saved by professional cleaners. I think you could see similar benefits to hiring out the arduous task of planning family vacations.

Surprise the woman of the house. You can either gift her with a completely planned and booked trip or hire a travel pro to meet with your woman. She will love the experience and you will love how happy she is.

Dude, are you ready to be the rockstar husband?

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