Big Dreams, Little Budget, 3 Lessons

Save up to $9000 per state room on sailings to Antarctica. Sometimes I hate working in this industry. It's like my own personal hell of wanting what I cannot have. I love to travel and I long for adventures of all types, so when my inbox is full of "deals" for luxury safaris and yacht trips, I am both excited and disappointed. How can we, those not in the top 1%, still enjoy travel? Here are my three pieces of advice for dealing with travel envy.

It's Not About What You Don't Have

Yes, there are amazing trips where the food is spectacular, the accommodations mind-blowing and the service impeccable. Have your personal driver meet you at the airport; have a personal concierge; a youth directer is there to keep your little ones happy and engaged - that is luxury. Glamorous tents and gourmet food, visits to remote villages and opulent wild animal experiences are all included. Just look at Kenya (Yup I can book this for you). The trip goes for about $12,000 per person. That does not include your airfare but I can get you a deal on your First Class tickets or charter a flight for you as needed.

The advertising works, I look through the pictures with lust in my heart! And then I remember what I do have. Life is good and we get to see the world in our own style. The lux trip looks wonderful but it is not how we like to travel. Don't get me wrong, I would take my family on that trip in a heart beat if the funds became available but I am not missing out if I never go on it either. Maybe this is unsavvy to say for a travel professional who wants you to long for a trip and call me to make it happen. What I don't want though is for you to long for a trip that may never happen then give up, so keep reading.

Keeping It Real

Not everyone will be able to charter a yacht tour of the world, but we can explore the world! Here is where I can help you as a travel planner. I backpacked around the world for over 6 months on a shoestring budget - honestly I have some regrets about being too cheap at the time. It took me over a year of of planning and more of saving but I did it. Also consider, you do not need to go to the far ends of the earth to enjoy the benefits of travel. Pick something in your budget. Do you like natural wonders? Go to The Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains. Forests and dramatic coastlines? Go to Oregon. Cosmopolitan cities? New York or Boston or Chicago are possible. You love food and entertainment? New Orleans, Las Vegas, or Los Angles. These are all places that we as Americans can travel to and stay for a reasonable budget. We have so much we can do, so let's do it!

Dream Big

While we are contemplating what we have and what we can do, remember to dream. Being practical is good and being willing to accept that we have no idea what is possible is even better. What are you dreaming about? What is your once in a lifetime trip? Don't give that up.

Who has seen the movie Up? *Spoiler Alert* In the movie (its a Disney Pixar film) the character Mr. Fredrickson dreams with his wife about traveling to South America but life is hard, they grow old and remain in love until she dies suddenly. Mr. Fredrickson remembers their life long dream of adventures in South America. Desperately trying to honor and remember her, he ties some balloons to his house and decides to float down there. After giving up everything else to get to his destination, he finds a scrapbook Mrs. Fredrickson made of their adventures together, he realizes that his wife never felt cheated or felt like she was missing out but appreciated the life they had. The amazing adventure he is on with a stowaway and a talking dog, teaches him to dream big and be open to the possibilities you cannot know exist. So do both. I am going to Antarctica - I want to take a submarine tour under the ice. What is your dream?

Is the time right to make your dream a reality?

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