5 Traits of People Who Shouldn’t Use a Travel Consultant

There are people out there that would not benefit from calling a friendly, local, small business owner travel consultant. With 25% of the population not using a travel professional it might be good to know in which camp you fall. No one wants to waste time so if you have all these qualities you can rest assured you probably should not contact me or any other travel consultant.

1. Time Rich

Time savings is probably the number one reason most people enjoy the services of a travel consultant. So if you are swimming in spare time, what could anyone help you with? Out of sheer boredom you will probably be able to come up with something fun. When you roll out of bed at noon, fire up the computer and have a few days to sort through research and online booking engines you are set to go it alone.

2. Compulsive Researcher

Maybe you don’t actually have lots of time, but you just cannot help but sit in front of your computer till you fingers stiffen and your backside aches. You can pour over everything the internets tells you about your desired destination. There are literally 1000’s of websites for some destinations. Each hotel, motel, resort, airline, tour operator, excursion, transfer, car rental, insurance, restaurant has its own website. Some of the review websites can help narrow down the search but you still have to read all about it and make up your mind. If you are addicted to information overload then book it yourself (if you have the time).

3. Lover of the Unknown and Unvetted

Don’t get me wrong, I am all about taking some risks in life. Since having my kids though, I am less willing to arrive at the bus station on a holiday and risk a night spent on the beach (yes I did that once, it happens). AirBnB and other accommodation websites can provide great access to local and homey places to stay, BUT there is no way to know what you are getting into. Like dating websites, those pictures can tell a misleading story. There is also little recourse for when you arrive at your accommodations and there is already someone sleeping in your bed (not me this time, my sister). Excursions can also be a gamble. After taking your credit card over the internet it is possible that when you show up to 123 Main St for your dog sledding adventure you find a closed store front. All in the highs and lows of going it alone.

4. Experienced and Connected

There are plenty of people who are well connected with other travel experts, able to ask for personal experiences and recommendations. They also have personal relationships with supplier representatives who are empowered by their employers to fix problems and smooth out the wrinkles, maybe even get a few extras for a special occasion. They have access to training and information about which suppliers are best suited for what demographics. Most of those people are travel consultants, but if you are one and not in the industry, good on you!

5. Deal Shopper

There seems to be no end of advertisements for the best deal on travel. If you find yourself working doggedly on countless permutations of your plans, raking over website after website looking for a better deal, then this is probably you. Not even making fun here. I occasionally find myself in this kind of decision paralysis. Eventually, we all have to cut ourselves off and make a decision. For most people just a few good options is much less stressful. Unfortunately, we all have areas that we just cannot let go control even if it makes our life easier. Here’s a hint for you if you are this person, once you purchased STOP LOOKING. They give this advice to brides about their dresses. It’s good advice.

If you are not one of these people, then good news, there is help for you and the 75% of the population like you.

Call (303) 746-6444 or email (vanessa@adventuregenerations.com) me today with your questions and travel dreams.